New album cover for a friend.

I am working on a new album cover for a good friend of mine over at The Frozen Food Section. This is a hip-hop/rap album and the cover is a cut and paste as per client instructions creating an omage to the Ninja Scrolls anime videos of which he is a fan. I have replaced the faces with those of the music artists into frame grabs and graphic novel grabs as per the clients instructions to make fan art.


Example of digital manipulation


I shot this image of myself quite a while ago. I dropped an image of a city burning behind my image; added a layer mask to let it show through in the right places; then added a color overlay to cast a slight red glow over my face and and presto I am in a new location.

Transparent Victory

Photo of glass chess piecesThis was a very enjoyable shoot. I only had access to the glass chess set for a weekend and had some specific ideas I wanted to explore. I know the metaphor of the shot is very obvious with the fallen king. It is still a nice shot that was fun to do.

In this shot I lit the chess pieces from behind with a small softbox. No need for flash I just used the model light mode on the studio light. The photograph was shot using a Nikon D-70 ISO 200 at 1/50 sec, F/8 on a nice sturdy Manfrotto tripod.

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A trip to the zoo

St. Louis Zoo

I took a trip to the zoo a few years ago and never got around to doing anything with the images I had shot. This is one of the few with which I had experimented. It has been so long I had to search for this animal online. I believe it is an African Antelope known as a Kudu. I am not 100% certain though since this animal is a lot smaller than other images I found. This is a simple creative use of a mask, custom brush and artistic filter. Makes for a nice wildlife greeting card.

Night shots

D_Williams_St. Francis Xavier College Church
St. Francis Xavier College Church

I have only done a few night time photographs, the best of which is probably my St. Louis skyline shot found in my Digital Art Gallery.

This photo of a church also turned out fairly well and has a dramatic quality to it, I think. I should have waited to do this shot a little later though, as it is I had to wait a while for there to be as few cars in the shot as possible trying to time it with the traffic lights. This is St. Francis Xavier College Church in St. Louis, Missouri at Grand Ave and Lindell Blvd.

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