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New album cover for a friend.

I am working on a new album cover for a good friend of mine over at The Frozen Food Section. This is a hip-hop/rap album and the cover is a cut and paste as per client instructions creating an omage to the Ninja Scrolls anime videos of which he is a fan. I have replaced the faces with those of the music artists into frame grabs and graphic novel grabs as per the clients instructions to make fan art.



dw-logoThis is the grand relaunching of my personal, “all my eggs in one basket” website. It is exactly opposite of what all of the professionals say a portfolio website should be. I will and do have a website devoted to one specific topic of professional photography and I will have a link here for it soon.

I will be posting new images as I can, as well as, more print and product options as soon as I get more set up.


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