New album cover for a friend.

I am working on a new album cover for a good friend of mine over at The Frozen Food Section. This is a hip-hop/rap album and the cover is a cut and paste as per client instructions creating an omage to the Ninja Scrolls anime videos of which he is a fan. I have replaced the faces with those of the music artists into frame grabs and graphic novel grabs as per the clients instructions to make fan art.


Example of digital manipulation


I shot this image of myself quite a while ago. I dropped an image of a city burning behind my image; added a layer mask to let it show through in the right places; then added a color overlay to cast a slight red glow over my face and and presto I am in a new location.

Transparent Victory

Photo of glass chess piecesThis was a very enjoyable shoot. I only had access to the glass chess set for a weekend and had some specific ideas I wanted to explore. I know the metaphor of the shot is very obvious with the fallen king. It is still a nice shot that was fun to do.

In this shot I lit the chess pieces from behind with a small softbox. No need for flash I just used the model light mode on the studio light. The photograph was shot using a Nikon D-70 ISO 200 at 1/50 sec, F/8 on a nice sturdy Manfrotto tripod.

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